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WhatsApp Filtering Software Detects Numbers

Time:2023-11-30 18:57:23  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In foreign trade marketing, many people using WhatsApp for marketing often use to obtain packaged lists of people in a certain region from various sources or buy this data on the web. However, since these data are not updated frequently and many times contain a large number of canceled accounts, the availability rate is actually not very high. In order to solve this problem, today I introduce a new tool that generates its own numbers and detects the existence of dead/empty numbers, avoiding the waste of energy and money.

whatsApp number Filtering software

This software is called "WhatsApp Filtering", one of the features is that you can import file data to help screen which accounts have not registered WhatsApp or have not been automatically logged out for a long time. However, some people may ask, registered is always reliable? Of course not, because registration does not mean that someone is using it, and most of the really valid accounts have information such as avatar, signature and fill in gender. Only through this step of screening can you confirm whether the account is worth marketing, or at least someone who will respond to your promotion instead of wasting their time.

In addition to sifting through the existing data, the software is also able to automatically generate a list of accounts, it can generate cell phone numbers according to your needs, such as country, region, area code, etc., and detect in one click whether someone has registered and whether it is worth promoting and marketing.

By choosing such software, you can generate your own accounts and test them effectively, instead of blindly trying to use old data that you have previously purchased. Such tools can increase your productivity and ensure that the resources you put in are spent on potentially responsive users.


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