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How much is whatsapp filter software?

Time:2023-02-16 15:44:52  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp filter is a software in whatsapp marketing. It mainly helps us to quickly filter out the accounts of active users. The age and gender of the users can be judged through the avatars of the filtered whatsapp accounts, and the user's personalized signature can also be filtered out.

We can do a lot of things through whatsapp filter, such as the whatsapp group sending software we use later, these group sending numbers are actually the numbers we filter out through whatsapp filter, this can save us the cost of finding user numbers, and save our money marketing time.

Now when most foreign trade sellers do whatsapp marketing, they will quickly obtain the mobile phone numbers of users in a certain country or region with the help of WhatsApp filter software. Operated.

whatsapp filters

But we all know that if there is a market, there will be demand. There are so many demands for whatsapp filter, so there must be many companies that make WhatsApp filter software, and each company has different prices for whatsapp filter.

In this regard, many people have such a question in their hearts, how much is the whatsapp filter software? Let's take a look with the crownsoft editor below!

Each company has different pricing for whatsapp filtering. If you observe carefully, you will find that their functions are similar and not as complicated as you imagine. It is just the performance, filtering data, and filtering success of each software. Rates are different.

As for the price of whatsapp filtering, I don’t know the specific price of other companies, but here at crownsoft, the price is as follows:

WhatsApp Filters:150$/month 300$/quarter 900$/year

If you are interested in whatsapp filtering, please contact crownsoft customer service:

Customer Service:Evans




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