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How does WhatsApp implement number generation capture

Time:2024-01-25 18:57:19  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The use of WhatsApp has done foreign trade partners know that in this software want to promote the marketing of the most important thing is the need to find normal users to sell, this thing is actually difficult to say difficult to say not difficult and not difficult. Not difficult point is that the use of this software is more people want to private letter to find individual users or very easy, but the difficulty is also here, the difficulty is that you do not know whether the user is a registered user, is not you want to expand the user marketing area and the user in the end is not commonly used in the user of this software.

Whatsapp Number Picker

These issues actually determines the efficiency of your marketing, as well as usually do the marketing is effective, in this place if it is not to do the relevant screening words, may bring great trouble to the future marketing process.

We found that there is relevant software on the market can solve this problem, for example, many people on the market with the "CrownSoft Whatsapp Number Picker", this generator collector can be generated according to your requirements and filter out the user, in accordance with the location of the user to generate out of the user again! You can filter by language, age, gender and other ways to achieve very accurate screening.

In addition, we are also able to export these contents, the export file format is not limited to a single format, can be .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf, easy to import and share these data with other software, to help you conveniently improve your marketing results.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filters (Whatsapp Number Picker) allows you to choose a variety of ways to generate mobile phone numbers in various regions, judge and analyse WhatsApp account registrations by logging in to verify the account and show them to you. The software uses CrownSoft's homemade programme to filter the account information more finely, including avatar, gender, signature and signature language, etc. and supports exporting the filtered data to .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf formats.

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