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Good Software Recommendations for WhatsApp Marketing

Time:2024-01-15 20:50:39  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

We all know that marketing with WhatsApp is a tedious process that not only includes finding customers, but also involves communicating with them. Today, CrownSoft Marketing Assistant introduces you to several software programs that can semi-automatically help save time and effort in WhatsApp marketing:

WhatsApp filter software

WhatsApp Customer Service Assistant:

WhatsApp Customer Service Assistant is a software that focuses on solving the problem of communication with customers. In WhatsApp marketing, facing users from various countries, mastering all languages is almost impossible. In order to solve the language barrier, WhatsApp Customer Service Assistant was born. It is able to directly translate the language sent by users and convert your reply into the other party's language. In addition, you can set up shortcut words to speed up your replies and save you from repetitive tasks.

WhatsApp filter software:

WhatsApp filter software is a tool that helps you filter users. It generates cell phone numbers based on the region you choose and detects if these numbers are registered for a WhatsApp account. By setting various conditions, you can screen the customer base that meets your target for marketing. The software offers three generation methods including based on country code and area code, selecting country and region, and uploading numbers manually. Except for the export function, all other features of the software are currently available for free trial, so you can experience them.

WhatsApp Mass Mailing Assistant:

WhatsApp Mass Mailer Assistant focuses on sending the content you want to market to your target customers in bulk. You can use this program to send various marketing content in bulk, such as promotional messages, new product launches and so on. This gets rid of the tedious process of sending them one by one, which is a good helper in marketing.

The above are a few WhatsApp marketing related software that CrownSoft Marketing Assistant shared for you today. If you are interested in these contents, you can continue to pay attention to our website.

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