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How to use WhatsApp number filter in Indonesia

Time:2024-01-20 19:15:43  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

We all know that Indonesia is one of the top few countries in the world with the highest WhatsApp penetration, and although there is still some difference between it and the perennial number one, India, the coverage is still quite scary. If there is the idea of their home products into this region, you can understand through what means to promote in-depth.

WhatsApp filter software

Today CrownSoft marketing assistant will give you a little expansion of ideas!

First of all, like this foreign countries, unless you are in the local and have a business over there and have a shop or something, it is very difficult for you to accumulate any customers or contacts. A good way to find local customers is to use the social networking software that the locals are used to, so how do you properly find normal local users?

You can use WhatsApp filter software, this software can select the region as well as area code to filter friends, select which country which region or even area code number can be automatically generated. After the production of the account information can be screened, in this process you can also carry out more detailed screening, such as whether the user has an avatar, whether the signature, the user is a man or a woman, the user's language classification and other screening conditions. This will help you to determine whether the account owner is an active WhatsApp user or not.

According to such a situation for better targeted marketing and promotion, will bring better conversion rate of promotion.

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