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2024 Latest WhatsApp customer finder software

Time:2024-02-26 19:04:41  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

2024 has just begun, WhatsApp released its latest version, can not wait to show everyone a wave of their own research and development of the latest features, to many loyal users of WhatsApp brought a surprise. In addition to WhatsApp loyal users, this update has also optimised a lot of experience for some partners who use WhatsApp to do foreign trade marketing, but since WhatsApp has been updated, can WhatsApp-related marketing software keep up with the pace of software updates?

WhatsApp customer finder

There are still a lot of great WhatsApp marketing software merchants on the market who diligently keep up with the times, like CrownSoft and their 2024 WhatsApp customer finder, this software is to keep up with the software version corresponding to the software version, but also always updating the new content, and gradually optimise and increase their various functions.

WhatsApp customer finder now supports the generation of mobile phone numbers by country code, country name, region name, city name, mobile phone number and other ways to generate mobile phone numbers, you can choose whether to generate user numbers in precise areas or rough areas, precise and at the same time convenient for some companies to carry out group marketing.

After the mobile phone number generation is completed, you can use the software comes with the screening function, the screening function is not just like the original ones, like the customer search tool can only screen out whether the user is registered. This CrownSoft 2024 WhatsApp customer finder can also filter out the user's gender, age, signature language and other information, to give your marketing to provide more information about the other side, to enhance the probability of marketing success.

CrownSoft 2024 WhatsApp customer finder can help you achieve better results in marketing, whether it is for the user's search or more information on the user's digging, this software is doing a good job, fully meet your needs for customer finder.

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