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How WhatsApp does user categorisation

Time:2024-03-08 19:20:26  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp as a social software, itself is not with the nature of marketing, there is no way to achieve support for some of the features that facilitate the use of foreign trade marketers, as if we do the most common use of the classification function of marketing, it can quickly help us to find some of the characteristics of similar users to facilitate the unity of our marketing, so that for the characteristics of the unity of the marketing approach is generally the success rate. This kind of marketing method is generally the most successful.

whatsApp user classify software

But because WhatsApp's own software does not have such a function, so we want to achieve such a function are required to use a third-party software, such as the use of WhatsApp user classify software, in the early stage of your marketing time to use such software can be very easy to classify the user, in order to facilitate the later marketing operations.

This software supports importing numbers for filtering and classification, you can import your own user data or new user data into this software, and filter the user to get the relevant data. This software can filter out the user's gender, avatar, signature, signature language and through this information, to achieve automated analysis and projection of the user's gender and age, so that the results of the success rate is still very high.

After using the above screening function, and then continue to use the software's internal classification function, according to the above characteristics of the information for classification, we can quickly integrate a similar characteristics of the list for unified marketing, to achieve the above kind of marketing.

WhatsApp user classify software can help us quickly and easily realise our ideal user classification for targeted marketing ideas, if you are also interested in this software, welcome to try to try this software.

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