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WhatsApp Number Verification Tool for Real Users

Time:2024-03-20 19:29:06  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Anyone who has ever done marketing, especially social software related marketing, should know that the users who waste our time and expectations are those who don't have any real people using the account. This is even more evident in WhatsApp, after all, we may also add some empty numbers and robot accounts, which will make us feel headache and depression. So what can we do to avoid these worthless accounts?

WhatsApp Number Verification Tool

Maybe this CrownSoft WhatsApp Number Verification Tool can help us solve this problem, this verification tool can help us quickly get to screen the user's many kinds of information, to help us quickly exclude the above mentioned kinds of useless users.

Take the function of this software to illustrate, this software can help us quickly screen whether the user registered WhatsApp account, which can help us exclude some empty numbers, and in addition to this way, we can only manually exclude the empty numbers, obviously manual operation is very troublesome, so the software of this exclusion of empty numbers is still very recommended.

Then the problem of empty numbers solved, how to confirm whether the other party is a real user? This number verification tool can also capture the user's avatar, signature and other information, and automatically based on the avatar to detect the user's age and gender, according to the signature to identify the other text language country, relying on this information, we can judge with a high probability that the other side of whether the real user and whether there is a need for marketing.

WhatsApp marketing problems we worry about, the use of such a software can help us solve so many, the filtered users will be sorted and organised to export, but also to facilitate the follow-up marketing.

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