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WhatsApp User Data Collection for WhatsApp Marketing

Time:2024-03-22 19:18:09  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp User Data Collection? For the trend of marketing or market competition, want to win, use "know your enemy and know yourself" this tactic is no problem, their customers only know more about the other side of the information or demand, we can be able to treat the symptoms of fast and stable to hold the opposite side. But the face of WhatsApp does not seek to understand more information about the user's software, many want to do the relevant information collection software is very difficult, after all, many companies have chosen to give up enough to see this thing want to achieve the difficulty, then there is really no software on the market to achieve such an operation?

WhatsApp User Data Collection Software

In fact, not no, we have this CrownSoft WhatsApp User Data Collection software will be able to achieve such a function, and very convenient and efficient. The software's functionality and the degree of technology is also very high, to achieve the relevant information collection function is still relatively easy, so how does it break through the above mentioned limitations? We will give you a good explanation of the software technology.

The user acquisition of this software adopts the most secure and efficient login account parallel query, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the information obtained, the efficiency of the human query is also many times more than just this part of the user's "avatar", "signature" and other languages. The software automatically analyses the user's "avatar", "signature" and other languages. In the meantime, the software will automatically analyse the user's avatar and signature, get the user's "gender" and "age" according to the avatar, and get the user's "country" according to the signature. Although the results of these automatic analyses are not as detailed as those filled in by the users themselves, they are still accurate and can be used for reference without any problem.

After getting all the above information, we will be able to achieve the export of these user groups for marketing, in the export part we can also get through the above information to classify the export, filter out the customers they really want to export for marketing.

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