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WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

Time:2024-03-28 18:04:15  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance is a widely used in WhatsApp marketing assistance tool, this tool has a wealth of features that can help us in many places to help us filter the number and other content, the next follow the footsteps of the CrownSoft King, let the CrownSoft King to give you a good introduction to this software!

WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

This software is like the above, the main purpose is to help us achieve the number of screening and other aids, and this software and other screening software difference is still very big, like this software can do efficient screening out of the user's various information and conditions, to help us carry out more accurate targeted marketing.

Specifically, it can help us filter out whether the user is registered on WhatsApp, whether the user has set an avatar, whether the user has set a signature, the user's age, the user's gender, the user's signature language and other information. Compared to other filtering software in the market, this software has more features than them not only in terms of user's gender, age, country language, etc., but also in terms of user's categorisation.

We will be able to filter the results obtained from the above classification adjusted out for the special export, the software has a variety of internal classification, you can individually set up a filtered list of users in certain characteristics for export. Such as gender male or female, age range, the user's signature language and the user's avatar and signature and other categories, the software even supports the combination of export, very convenient and convenient.

After generating such marketing lists, we will be able to carry out different kinds of marketing according to their respective characteristics, to enhance the success rate of our marketing and marketing results.

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