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Does WhatsApp Contacts Filter work

Time:2024-04-29 19:14:12  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When we talk about foreign trade marketing, many people will say that social software and related media platforms are also very important to publicize, like many people in the use of WhatsApp publicity and marketing to get very good results, to bring themselves a very large number of business orders as well as visibility. But we need to know to succeed in this field, for each other's information to be very understanding, master each other's information and related content for marketing in order to try to avoid the message sinking into the sea of no one to reply to the situation.

WhatsApp Contacts Filter

In the past, it seems that for a person who did not add, want to understand each other's information is very difficult, coupled with the number of users, we can hardly be very accurate, "WhatsApp Contacts Filter" appeared to help us solve this problem. Let's take a look at whatsApp Contacts Filter does and how it can help us in our marketing efforts.

First of all, this software provides the function of importing cell phone numbers and generating cell phone numbers, in terms of importing support for the import of TXT file format, in terms of generating can be based on the regional requirements or other requirements of the requirements of the number to generate, and quickly generate the list of marketing.

Then by manually scanning the code to log in WhatsApp, the software can filter out the list of contacts in the avatar, personalized signature, and according to the avatar to identify the age and gender in the avatar, according to the signature to identify the user's use of the language, which can help us to get a lot of user-related information. Moreover, this software has a very humanized point, that is, users can adjust the screening speed and screening interval according to their own needs.

The screened data can be categorized according to a variety of categories, such as whether or not to open WhatsApp, whether or not there is an avatar, gender, age, personalized signature language, and the type of avatar items, etc., after the classification of the export task can be carried out, you can export the format, including txt, vcf, and excel format, the user can choose the export method according to the needs of users, so that it is convenient for the follow-up of the marketing work.

To summarize, this software can help us quickly filter contact information for our marketing, very convenient and efficient, if you are also interested in this software, you can learn more from us.

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