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WhatsApp Filtering for Foreign Traders to Know

Time:2024-05-23 18:30:04  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In today's era of social software proliferation, new users need to set up a nickname and avatar when registering has become a more basic thing, in doing WhatsApp social marketing, I suddenly realized, a person's avatar does not represent a person's style, show part of their own information? If we can get more information from a person's avatar, then we can have a better success rate when marketing, right?

WhatsApp Filtering

After realizing the importance of avatar analysis, I started my search in the market, and after a lot of efforts, I found a tool called WhatsApp Filtering, which has avatar detection function. This software not only supports the detection of age and gender in the user's avatar, but also recognizes various items in the avatar, such as animals, fruits, etc., and carries out uniform organization, which greatly improves the efficiency of the avatar content we want to classify.

In fact, after careful analysis, we will find that in practice, through the avatar detection function, we just for the user's gender and age can be quickly screened out part of the potential customer groups that meet our business needs. For example, for a certain gender will use more products, we can more to analyze the gender of the people to promote, this is also more accurate, save manpower and time.

And this WhatsApp Filtering software in addition to the avatar detection function, it also has the function of generating cell phone numbers, if you do not have a list of users for screening, you can generate according to the cell phone number segment or the country city, and then screening, to achieve the overall one-stop service, very good use.

So overall, it seems that if we are targeting other people's avatars for screening, we can also get a lot of relevant information, which will also bring better help to our marketing. I hope the content of this article can bring you help or ideas, thank you for reading.

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