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How to successfully start your own business with whatsapp marketing?

Time:2023-03-07 17:14:41  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp marketing is mainly suitable for the foreign trade industry, because basically those who do foreign trade communicate with customers through whatsapp. Whatsapp is a foreign chat software, and its usage rate is very high around the world. Basically, as long as it is a foreign user, more than 85% of its daily communication is on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp marketing has increasingly become an indispensable chat tool in foreign trade transactions. So how to successfully develop your own business through whatsapp marketing? The following crownsoft editor will explain it in detail for you.

whatsapp marketing

1. Create a good WhatsApp account

Sign up and create a professional account on WhatsApp, including a clear and short name and avatar. Make sure your account is easily identifiable and consistent with your brand identity.

2. Send useful content

Send useful information and content, such as promotions, discounts and special offers. Make sure the content is short, easy to read, and grabs the customer's attention.

3. Be careful how often you send

Make sure your marketing messages are sent in moderation so that customers don't get annoyed or spammed.

The above content is whatsapp marketing shared by crownsoft Xiaobian for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. Want to know more about whatsapp marketing in detail, all in crownsoft.


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