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Turkey WhatsApp Number Data - WhatsApp Collection

Time:2024-06-15 14:40:10  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is an instant messaging tool used by many countries around the world as a means of communication. Overseas companies also use WhatsApp to find customers. WhatsApp is registered through phone numbers, and to attract and direct customers on WhatsApp, we must first know the users' WhatsApp data.

The country codes and number lengths differ between countries, which increases the difficulty of finding customers. However, don’t worry, there are ways to quickly obtain WhatsApp phone number data from various countries.

There is a software available on the market that can directly collect and generate phone number data for countries that have WhatsApp accounts: CrownSoft WhatsApp Cloud Filter.

Turkey WhatsApp Number Data - WhatsApp Collection

CrownSoft WhatsApp Cloud Filter is a cloud software that does not require downloading or logging into any WhatsApp account. Simply input the country code and number segment you want to generate, then set the filter criteria: WhatsApp avatar, gender, age, signature language, etc. After starting the task, it only takes a few minutes to generate millions of valid data.

The user rate of WhatsApp varies from country to country. If our business scope covers global users, we should prioritize countries with large user bases, such as Turkey.

Many people in Turkey use WhatsApp. It is one of the most popular communication applications in Turkey. Due to its convenient messaging features and broad user base, many Turkish people use WhatsApp for personal and business communication. WhatsApp's popularity in Turkey is also due to its support for multiple languages and rich communication options, such as voice calls, video calls, and group chats.

Turkey's country code is +90.

In Turkey, phone numbers are generally divided into three parts: the country code (+90), the city or area code, and the user's personal number. The number segments (city or area codes) in Turkey vary by region. Here are some examples of the main cities and area codes:

Istanbul (European side): 212

Istanbul (Asian side): 216

Ankara: 312

Izmir: 232

Bursa: 224

Antalya: 242

Adana: 322

Konya: 332

A complete Turkish phone number format is as follows: +90 [city or area code] [user number]

For example, a number on the European side of Istanbul might be: +90 212 123 45 67

Additionally, mobile phone numbers in Turkey also have specific segments, generally starting with 5. Common segments include:

Vodafone: +90 54x

Turkcell: +90 53x

Türk Telekom: +90 50x

For example, a mobile phone number might be: +90 532 123 45 67

Knowing Turkey's country code and number segments, we can use CrownSoft WhatsApp Cloud Filter to obtain valid phone numbers for users in Turkey. This data can be used for marketing promotions, enhancing brand awareness and influence in the Turkish market, attracting user attention, and obtaining effective WhatsApp data.


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