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Quick tip How to quickly filter users on WhatsApp.

Time:2024-06-20 19:02:25  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Filtering is a function often used by marketers in their marketing work. When faced with many potential targets, marketers select the most suitable ones for marketing. This approach not only improves marketing efficiency but also increases the success rate of marketing efforts.

WhatsApp filter

So, how can we quickly filter users on WhatsApp?

To achieve filtering, it is necessary to use some related auxiliary tools. If we want to quickly complete this operation, we might have to use Crownsoft WhatsApp filter to solve this problem.

This software is different from other filtering software on the market. While other software can only filter whether a user is registered on WhatsApp, this software can help us filter more information about the users. We all know that in marketing, having more information about the other party increases our chances of success.

With this software, we can not only determine if a number is registered on WhatsApp, but also obtain and display various information such as the WhatsApp account's avatar, signature, estimated age (automatically inferred by an algorithm), and estimated gender (automatically inferred by an algorithm).

So, what steps do we need to take to obtain so much data?

We only need to log into our WhatsApp account (there is a risk of account suspension) and import the list of phone numbers into this software. After adjusting the relevant settings, the software will automatically complete the filtering operation and display the relevant data.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filter allows users to scan a QR code to log into their WhatsApp account or import channel accounts or hash accounts in batches for filtering. It uses your WhatsApp permissions to filter target phone numbers registered on WhatsApp and determines gender and age based on WhatsApp avatars. After filtering, you can export the results to .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

By using this software, we can not only perform the filtering operation but also quickly obtain more related user information. If you also have such a need, feel free to try using this software.

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