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WhatsApp Filter Tool: Automatically Generate Global Phone Number Screening

Time:2023-05-09 17:34:41  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

We've talked about WhatsApp filters many times before, and many people know what they are. It's basically a tool for screening active WhatsApp accounts from various countries around the world, making it easier for us to do WhatsApp marketing.

Of course, according to WhatsApp's official statement, there is no such thing as WhatsApp filtering. These tools are all third-party companies' independently developed marketing software and are not provided by WhatsApp. Therefore, using them may lead to your WhatsApp account being banned, so be sure to keep this in mind.

There are many WhatsApp filter tools on the market, both domestic and foreign. If you are engaged in foreign trade, you will inevitably use WhatsApp screening because it can help us quickly filter out active user contact information, making it easier for us to do marketing later on.

whatsapp filter tools

When using the WhatsApp filter tool, it is best to screen with multiple accounts, as WhatsApp filters are easily banned. In this case, you can use a WhatsApp account matrix, which screens data through some sub-accounts and then uses the main account to drive traffic and promote it. This way, even if your WhatsApp account is banned, it will not affect your marketing strategy.

There are many third-party companies that make WhatsApp filter tools, so when choosing one, you must be careful and conduct a comprehensive assessment. Don't blindly buy, and compare multiple options. After all, software is primarily evaluated on its performance and price.

Crownsoft WhatsApp Filter Software uses your WhatsApp permissions to log in via QR code, and screen target phone numbers to see if they have WhatsApp accounts, as well as the account's avatar. After screening, you can export the data to .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

The above content is what Crownsoft has shared with you about WhatsApp filter tools, and we hope you like it. For more information about WhatsApp filters, visit Crownsoft.


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