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WhatsApp filter software, filtering registered and filtering active users

Time:2023-08-22 17:21:33  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

I don’t know if you have used the whatsapp filter software. This is a marketing tool developed by a third-party company specifically for obtaining the contact information of whatsapp users. It has only one main purpose, which is to help marketers filter registrations and active filters whatsapp users.

whatsapp filter software

Why do we have to screen active Whatsapp users?

Because whatsapp is registered through the mobile phone number, basically a mobile phone number can only register one account, we know the user's mobile phone number, we can directly add him on whatsapp to see if he has opened a whatsapp account, and we can directly give it on whatsapp It sends a message without passing the verification application to start a chat session.

Moreover, whatsapp has a huge number of users and traffic, and those who do foreign trade business must not miss such a large traffic group, so basically whatsapp is definitely the first choice for foreign trade marketing now.

As for the whatsapp filter software, it is mainly to help us quickly obtain the user's contact information, such as the user's mobile phone number, and can filter out the user's mobile phone number in this country according to the country you choose, and can determine which users The mobile phone number opened a whatsapp account, and the active whatsapp users were screened out.

Since you are doing whatsapp marketing, you definitely hope that the content you send to users will be seen by users as soon as possible. In this case, you must give priority to sending messages to active whatsapp accounts, so that the chances of being seen will be greatly increased. increased.

The whatsapp filter software is actually developed to meet the needs of users. It is mainly to help whatsapp marketers obtain active whatsapp accounts, which is convenient for marketing and promotion.

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