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An article on how to unblock whatsapp account

Time:2023-08-28 18:41:45  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication software for foreign traders and is widely used to keep in touch with customers. However, one of the most worrying scenarios for users is that when logging into WhatsApp, the message "Your phone number has been banned from WhatsApp, please contact support for assistance" pops up, indicating that their WhatsApp account has been suspended. This can lead to a number of problems, such as customers not being able to contact the business, losing contact information and conversations, and it can be a hassle to re-register for a new account, although it is sometimes possible to appeal to have the ban lifted. This article will cover what to do when a personal or business WhatsApp account is disabled.


Disabled WhatsApp Accounts

There are two different scenarios when a WhatsApp account is banned, one is when it is blacked out by another contact and the other is when it is blocked by WhatsApp. Being blackmailed does not affect the normal use of the account, while being blocked means that the account is suspended. Users will see the message "Your phone number has been blocked from WhatsApp, please contact support for assistance" when they log in, which is commonly referred to as WhatsApp blocked. In this case, the user will need to file a complaint within WhatsApp to have the ban lifted.

Reasons for blocking

There are several reasons why a WhatsApp account may be banned. Users are required to comply with WhatsApp's Terms of Service, violations of which may result in a temporary or permanent ban. The following activities may trigger a ban:

Sending obvious advertising messages.

Sending a large number of messages in a short period of time.

Multiple reports.

Creating frequent playlists within a short period of time.

Frequent device or IP address changes.

Adding a large number of contacts and chatting multiple times in a short period of time.

Logging in to a device with a banned account before logging in.

Registering with an unstable cell phone number or email address.

Violation of WhatsApp's Terms of Service.

Unblocking Process

The process of unblocking varies between temporary and permanent bans.

Temporary Bans: Bans may be lifted within 24 hours after following guidelines and compliant behavior. Bans are generally lifted automatically after a specified period of time. Users can use WhatsApp as normal; multiple violations may result in a permanent ban.

Permanent ban: Not allowed to create a new account with the same number, cannot read previous messages. When logging in, you will be informed that you are permanently banned.

How to unblock

Method 1: Contact WhatsApp support

Delete WhatsApp and reinstall the latest version.

Log in and click on the "Support" link.

Fill in the question, screenshot, and cell phone number.

Click "Next" and select "This is not the solution to my problem".


Method 2: In-app unblocking

Click the "Support" link, fill in the question and screenshot.

Select "This is not a solution to my problem" to go to the email page.

Write an unblocking email describing the problem and promising to comply with the Terms of Service.


Preventive measures

In business activities, the risk of violation or wrongful banning cannot be avoided. Loss of contact information and conversations can be costly to a company. Bans can be avoided by following the rules and, if encountered, can be resolved by filing a complaint.


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