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WhatsApp Avatar Filter,Filter user gender and age

Time:2023-01-09 13:55:50  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp filter believes that as long as you are doing foreign trade, you should know something. Whether you sell your own products from abroad to China, or sell products from China to foreign countries, they all belong to the foreign trade industry.

There are differences in culture, economy, etc. between countries, and different countries may use software to different degrees. For example, the Chinese chat software is mainly based on WeChat, and the chat software in most foreign countries is mainly based on Whatsapp.

Today we mainly take whatsapp software as an example to explain in detail about whatsapp avatar filter, hoping to help you.

whatsapp avatar filter

WhatsApp Avatar Filter, this is the avatar filter we choose in whatsapp filtering, why should we filter the avatar? Mainly for the following reasons:

1. You can judge the age and gender of the other party through the whatsapp avatar

There are many user groups who use whatsapp, regardless of age or gender, there will be some differences, and user groups in different industries are different. If we want to do a good job in whatsapp marketing quickly and quickly expose our brand, then It is necessary to target user groups.

2. Judging user activity through whatsapp avatar

Generally speaking, if the screened Whatsapp account has an avatar, then basically the activity of this account is relatively high. If 90% of the accounts have an avatar, it means that his Whatsapp account has been logged in within 3 days.

WhatsApp Avatar Filter, I believe everyone should have a better understanding of the above-mentioned crownsoft editor's explanation. If you are interested in whatsapp filter software, welcome to consult crownsoft, a professional whatsapp filter software research and development company!


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