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What's WhatsApp Sieve Number Software

Time:2023-09-02 18:09:50  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Recently, a lot of people who have just entered the foreign trade WhatsApp marketing circle asked online what a software called "WhatsApp Filter software" is. Just today in the process of answering these questions, but also to other partners who do not know this software to explain.

whatsapp filter

WhatsApp Sifter is a program developed by CrownSoft that focuses on helping various WhatsApp users who have a large number of real WhatsApp numbers to realize the function of generating sifters. The function of this software is not only to generate cell phone numbers, but also accurate in accordance with the region you want to selectively generate and a key to screen whether the software has been registered.

Currently, this software supports three types of generation: the first one is based on the country code and the number of digits you choose, you can customize the number of digits it generates. The second is based on the country and area code to generate, the middle can be selected. The third is the ability to import your own file for screening, whether it's shared between users of the same software or purchased from others, you can verify the authenticity of the number with a single click to see if it's actually registered with the software.

The second is another important function: it is possible to further filter the user's conditions, such as gender, age, whether there is an avatar, whether there is a signature, signature why language, etc., a variety of filtering environment allows you to more accurately find your user base, more convenient for you.

At present, there may be an important point for other users, that is, how to charge for these features mentioned above? The answer is: free. The developer believes that all the features mentioned above are free to use, so if you are not sure about this software, just give it a try.


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