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Is WhatsApp feeder software good

Time:2023-10-13 14:41:07  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Since 2015-2023, the major communication and social software manufacturers have been strengthening the regulation of their own products as well as updating, with a variety of users registering their own products, for some special groups of users have also developed a special strategy to control. For example, WhatsApp brand manufacturers have developed bot detection software in order to prevent most bots from entering the software and harassing real users, but the resulting drawbacks also affect many people, including foreign trade users.

WhatsApp cloud control

Today we will talk about how to bypass this to prevent robot detection. First of all, we need to use the lightning WhatsApp cloud control, open the automatic number function, in which the number of settings, such as automatic chat, automatically add friends, automatically send a circle of friends (moment), automatically update the avatar signature and other detailed settings. After the settings are completed, you can choose a key to raise the number, waiting for the automation to complete the number will be prompted, so that after a week after the account will pass the dangerous period, not so easy to be banned.

The general audience of using such software is the enterprises that need a large number of accounts to conduct business or media accounts that don't want to manually maintain their accounts, if you are both of them you can go to learn about this. If you guys are interested in this content, feel free to leave your comments and discussions below in the comment section.


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