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WS assists in recognizing avatars.

Time:2023-10-08 18:41:20  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The highly rated WhatsApp screening software on the market has finally implemented avatar recognition! Some people may think that such a feature is rather trivial, but in fact, it is actually a very important thing.

WhatsApp filter

Remember the feature we implemented a long time ago to detect the presence or absence of avatars? Most of that function is actually used to determine whether the user is really in the use of the software (to prevent zombie number) of this nature, the results are exactly as let is the same as the guess, is indeed effective in preventing most of the unmanned account. Today's launch of this feature is a further upgrade of this verification and prevention as well as a detailed differentiation of users.

We can take an example of WhatsApp users who use pet avatars, maybe some of them are real pet owners, but most of them love small animals. If we are a businessman in the area of pets and their supplies, seizing such conditions to promote, obviously it is possible to filter out a part of the real and effective users, so that our purpose has been achieved, in various ways to achieve victory. Of course, is not limited to such a kind of industry, this software supports a variety of recognized images, according to your pick to choose your industry.

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