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WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Time:2023-10-18 18:27:04  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp as cross-border sales and marketing aspects of the necessary communication tools, has been countless enterprises as well as individual users to develop, aimed at the hope that it is more convenient to use WhatsApp to meet their own needs, and now there are people who will be on the market to develop these personal / corporate development of auxiliary software features to absorb the experience and skills, to develop their own software, let us today to Let's talk about this software today.

WhatsApp filter

The name of this software is called "WhatsApp marketing software", its function is actually recognized as a more important function, such as the most important sieve number function, is to have a variety of ways to generate cell phone numbers and a variety of functions to screen. Generation method is not like the original only one kind of generation, this software can support the use of "country code + manual number", "country + number" and "import" function. The program can support the use of "country code + manual number", "country + number" and "import" function to generate three kinds of ways, the resulting cell phone number can be directly filtered whether to register WhatsApp software, in fact, in this regard, the function of this software is still very mediocre.

But it focuses on the back of a variety of conditions sieve number, this software sieve out of the user is directly to get the user's avatar, ID, signature, age and other information, in the signature of the column, and even can be filtered out of what country's language, so that if you do the targeting, in fact, it's very convenient, you can refer to a lot of aspects of it (the right medicine).


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