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WhatsApp Advanced Filtering Software

Time:2023-12-02 19:05:06  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Screening Software is a software designed to screen targeted WhatsApp users in a specific field. Currently, many people involved in foreign trade or negotiating business with others choose to use this type of software in order to find potential customers more efficiently within a large user base. In order to facilitate a quick and precise search for customers, companies have chosen to use WhatsApp screening software. Today I would like to recommend a very useful and free number screening software - "WhatsApp advanced filtering software".

WhatsApp advanced filtering software

This software is not only a simple number screening tool, but also combines the advantages of most of the number screening software on the market to provide satisfactory functions. Its filtering mode covers three ways: "Country code and number generation", "Country and region generation", "Manual number import", which allows you to add numbers according to different needs. You can add numbers according to different needs. After generating the numbers, you can selectively filter the numbers to check if they are registered and if they are normal accounts.

By selecting the audience range, your marketing effect will be significantly improved, compared with the full coverage of the push, such precise marketing will greatly save your human and material resources. One of the most important ways to judge is that you can choose to successfully screen the gender of the registered users, whether they have avatars, whether they have signatures and the language of their signatures, etc. Welcome to experience and use it.


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