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Facebook Live Marketing Assistant Customer Acquisition

Time:2023-12-06 19:16:37  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The Facebook Live feature, after years of optimization and tweaking, has gradually become an area on the platform that accounts for a large number of people. Here not only can interact with the audience at will, but also according to your needs to show something to everyone, can help you quickly attract the sudden appearance of users to understand what you want to express.

After some attempts at foreign trade development by some companies, using this format seems to be fairly well developed at this point, but I think even with all the optimization and updating, it still has some minor drawbacks. For example, I can not accurately know who has entered my live room, as well as the collection of users who show a strong interest (interaction) in my channel, if we can solve these problems, we marketing conversion rate can be substantially increased.

Facebook Live Room Marketing Assistant

Today, I'd like to introduce you to an interesting tool - "Facebook Live Room Marketing Assistant", a software that can record and capture your live room users and help you find those potential customers who are interested in you. And this software has a more unexpected feature, it even supports grabbing users from other live streams, which is a feature that can't be ignored for those who use live stream marketing.

In addition, it also supports automated marketing (posting content on a regular basis), automated publicity and automated interaction as well as additional number raising, group sending, group control and many other features, all of which can bring you a lot of marketing help.

The proper use of such software will bring you good results, and the live marketing supported by this software helps you in this aspect. Besides, it has more marketing related contents, I will introduce more related information to you later.


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