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WhatsApp Sifting Number Principle and Software

Time:2023-12-11 19:22:49  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The wide use of WhatsApp in foreign trade has made many people interested in its efficient marketing model. Here are some principles and methods to realize this model:

WhatsApp filtering software

Establishing long-term customer relationships: High transaction volume often means establishing long-term customer relationships or having a deep chain of customers. This model focuses on developing customers over time, avoiding short periods of inactivity and maintaining consistent business.

Long-term marketing: A long-term marketing model does not require the constant presence of a brand with high intensity in the public eye, nor does it require financial cross-burning with competitors. This strategy is designed to be a win-win situation.

Deep and Efficient User Mining: There are two common approaches to achieving deep and efficient user mining. First, marketing through participation in relevant groups. Join groups related to your product keywords or your competitors' groups to understand user needs and concerns, and then adjust your product to meet those needs. Secondly, use related auxiliary software, such as WhatsApp screening software, can be based on regional or area code screening and add potential foreign people.

Group marketing: By participating in groups, we can understand the needs and interests of target users, and then adjust the products or promotions in a targeted way. This helps to quickly find potential customers and expand the customer base.

The use of auxiliary software: The use of related auxiliary software, such as WhatsApp Filtering software, can be more convenient for regional or area code screening, adding foreign people who may have the potential to consume potential, and improve the efficiency of marketing.

The combination of these methods makes it possible to conduct efficient foreign trade marketing on WhatsApp. Building long-term customer relationships, adopting a long-term marketing strategy, and conducting deep and efficient user mining with the help of groups and supplementary software are the keys to realizing this successful model.


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