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WhatsApp Number Screening Assistant Seeks Customers

Time:2023-12-11 19:24:15  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Number Screening Assistant is a powerful tool designed to help users screen target customer numbers easily, here are the main features of the tool:

WhatsApp Number Screening Assistant

Select Country and Region: Users can select a specific country or region or even a specific area code as required to meet their customer requirements, which makes the number selection more precise and customized.

Generate Randomized Numbers: If users need more number options, the tool can generate randomized WhatsApp numbers, which is enough to meet most of the requirements, providing more flexibility in selection.

Support for importing number lists: If you already have a list of numbers, you can import them into the tool for filtering, which simplifies the handling and management of existing data.

Account Verification: The tool provides account verification to help users determine which numbers correspond to users who have actually signed up for a WhatsApp account, which helps to exclude invalid or inactive numbers.

User Categorization: Users can categorize the filtered users based on different criteria. For example, they can be categorized based on conditions such as whether they have an avatar or not, whether they have a personalized signature or not, the language they use, and so on, to further understand the characteristics of their target customers.

These features are available to meet the needs of most users. For users who need more advanced features, it is recommended to consult the tool's customer service for more detailed information.WhatsApp Number Filter Assistant's combination of features makes it a convenient and useful tool that helps to improve the efficiency of users' number selection and management on WhatsApp.


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