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WhatsApp's newest message filter feature!!!

Time:2024-06-06 18:50:23  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In the WhatsApp update some time ago, WhatsApp officially announced that the software will launch a new auxiliary function to help users improve the reply efficiency and the timely viewing rate of new messages during the chat process. This update brings "chat information filtering", which can help you quickly filter out various types of messages and help you quickly view relevant content.

WhatsApp filter

What we know now is that there are three places to filter/view different types of messages on this function, namely "all messages", "unread messages", and "group messages". In fact, we can roughly see the meaning of this classification from the name.

Click "all messages" and WhatsApp will display all your chat records, whether read or unread. If you click "unread messages", you will only see those conversations that have sent you messages but you have not read them yet (including messages you marked as unread). If you click on the group, WhatsApp will only display the message content related to the group.

These buttons are located above the chat list, which is very convenient for users to click interactively. This can indeed improve the reply efficiency and timely viewing rate of new messages of marketing users' chats as they said, at least for most people, it is still very convenient. At present, it has only been pushed to some regions and people. If you haven't received the push, don't worry, you will be able to use it after a while.

The above is about the new chat record filter function of WhatsApp this time. Thank you for reading!

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