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The best WhatsApp contact filter

Time:2024-06-15 18:45:11  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The Crownsoft WhatsApp contact filter is a software that helps us quickly filter whether marketing targets have registered WhatsApp accounts, and also filters the social account information of those WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp contact filter

In the overall context of WhatsApp marketing, this software enhances marketing efficiency and provides overall convenience. Let's see how this software can assist us.

As mentioned earlier, this software efficiently filters out whether the phone numbers of prospective marketing contacts are registered on WhatsApp, thus avoiding those numbers that are not registered and improving marketing efficiency.

So, how does this software achieve this?

Because WhatsApp registration is tied to phone numbers, we simply need to import the phone numbers of contacts we intend to market to into the software and log into our account (typically a secondary account). The software then uses its built-in friend adding feature to check if the contact has a registered phone number. If it cannot detect the contact's information, it means the number is not registered on WhatsApp. We can then remove these unregistered contacts from our marketing list. This saves time and effort, preventing wasted marketing efforts.

Moreover, the Crownsoft WhatsApp contact filter can also help filter and analyze more information about users. For example, it can filter users' profile pictures, statuses, and preferred languages, and analyze their gender and age based on their profile pictures. This facilitates categorization and analysis of contacts, providing us with more insights for marketing strategies.

Through the Crownsoft WhatsApp contact filter, by logging into your WhatsApp account and importing your WhatsApp data list, the software quickly filters whether numbers are registered and provides various details like profile pictures, statuses, ages, genders, and preferred languages for our marketing analysis. Crownsoft WhatsApp contact filter is highly efficient and has no usage limitations, ensuring real and effective data!!!

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