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Check if Number is Registered on WhatsApp - Check WhatsApp Number Tool

Time:2024-06-15 18:46:38  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

During the process of WhatsApp marketing, we often find that some customers or friends change their numbers or delete their accounts. If we continue to send messages and conduct marketing to these users, it will be completely ineffective. For those marketers using third-party bulk messaging software, this kind of marketing can waste a lot of resources.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

So, is there any way to help us check whether the other party's number is registered with a WhatsApp account? Today, we will introduce two methods to solve this problem.

The first method is manual screening:

We directly create a link in the chat box with anyone (preferably using a secondary account).

Please use https://wa.me/, whereis the full phone number in international format. When adding the phone number in international format, please omit 0, brackets, or hyphens.


Correct format: https://wa.me/1XXXXXXXXXX

Incorrect format: https://wa.me/+001-(XXX)XXXXXXX

After editing, send the link and click it to directly enter a new conversation. We just need to send a message and check the message status and whether the other party responds to determine if the number is registered with a WhatsApp account.

The second method is using third-party software for automatic screening:

This method is more convenient and energy-saving compared to the first method. Take CrownSoft's Check WhatsApp Number Tool as an example. Using this software for phone number verification, we only need to log in to an account and import the list of phone numbers to be verified, and the software will automatically verify the account.

During the process, we can adjust the verification speed and interval, which is very efficient and convenient. In addition to verifying whether the phone number is registered, it can also verify more information corresponding to the registered account, such as avatar, signature, gender (estimated), age (estimated), etc., for our marketing selection.

Currently, these are the two main ways to verify if a phone number is registered on WhatsApp. You can choose the specific method according to your actual situation.

By using CrownSoft's Check WhatsApp Number Tool, log in to your WhatsApp account, import your WhatsApp data list, and the software will quickly verify whether the number is registered and provide various information such as the other party's avatar, signature, age, gender, and signature language for marketing analysis. The Check WhatsApp Number Tool is highly efficient and has no usage limits, providing real and effective data!!!

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