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How to bulk verify if numbers have a WhatsApp account

Time:2024-06-15 19:12:24  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Most marketers conduct WhatsApp marketing using pre-existing lists, which can save a lot of time in finding customers. However, this approach also has its drawbacks, as the numbers in the list may change over time, resulting in many unreachable customers. If we continue to market to these numbers, it will only waste time and effort.

We can use Crownsoft's Check WhatsApp Number Tool to help us verify which numbers in a large list use WhatsApp and can be marketed to, thereby improving our marketing efficiency.

How should we use this software?

First, download Crownsoft's Check WhatsApp Number Tool from the official website (paid software/subscription required):

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

After entering the software, you need to log in to your WhatsApp account, either by scanning a QR code or importing your data.

Note: The verification process is based on WhatsApp's own search verification, so the results are highly accurate.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

Here, we import the list of phone numbers that need to be verified.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

Once the import is complete, return to the account login page. Adjust the verification settings and click the start button.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

After a short wait, you will be able to see the relevant information corresponding to the numbers in the list.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

Here, we can clearly see the relevant information for each account, including but not limited to whether the number is registered. This includes the account's avatar, signature, and estimated age and gender based on these details. With this information, we can choose more suitable marketing strategies for each contact, thereby increasing our marketing success rate.

By using Crownsoft's Check WhatsApp Number Tool, log in to your WhatsApp account, import your WhatsApp data list, and the software will quickly verify whether the number is registered and provide various information such as the avatar, signature, age, gender, and signature language for marketing analysis. The Check WhatsApp Number Tool is highly efficient and has no usage limits, providing real and effective data!!!

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Download link: Click here to download WhatsApp Filters (This is a paid software and requires the purchase of relevant packages to use all features).


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