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Verify Bulk Numbers on WhatsApp -Check WhatsApp Number Tool

Time:2024-06-15 19:13:46  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When using WhatsApp for promotional marketing, using relevant marketing software appropriately can effectively increase our marketing success rate and effectiveness.

In terms of enhancing marketing success rate and effectiveness, many software tools in the WhatsApp marketing field can achieve this. For example, the Crownsoft Check WhatsApp Number Tool, although its name may not directly suggest enhancing effectiveness, does indeed improve our marketing efforts when used.

This Check WhatsApp Number Tool (Tips: Some features require purchasing a package) can help us quickly verify batch phone numbers that are still in use or eligible for marketing from a large number of phone numbers, as well as filter out more information. It effectively helps us select customers for marketing.

So, is this software complicated to use? Next, let's demonstrate the operation process of the Crownsoft Check WhatsApp Number Tool (Note: The download and purchase process content has been omitted).

First, log in to this software and perform auxiliary verification operations on the WhatsApp account.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

At the button for importing data, import the phone number file list data.

After the import is complete, the software will prompt and display the data in the file list on the left side of the software.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

On the WhatsApp account login page, set up the verification function. After setting up, click the start button.

Here, you can adjust the efficiency, interval, and other settings of the verification.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

Wait a moment, click the end button, and return to view the results.

Here, you can see whether the phone numbers are registered with WhatsApp, as well as the registered user's avatar, gender (estimated), age (estimated), signature, language (estimated), and other results.

Check WhatsApp Number Tool

On this page, we can easily see more information about the contacts in the list. We can also export them as a list according to these categories. It is very suitable for us to select marketing targets and conduct more precise marketing.

Through Crownsoft Check WhatsApp Number Tool, log in to your WhatsApp account and import your WhatsApp data list. The software will quickly verify whether the numbers are registered and provide more information such as the user's avatar, signature, age, gender, language (estimated), etc., for our marketing analysis. Check WhatsApp Number Tool verification is highly efficient and has no limit on the number of times it can be used, and the data is real and effective!

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Download link: Click here to download WhatsApp Filters (This is a paid software and requires the purchase of relevant packages to use all features).


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