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How to create, edit, and set a profile picture on WhatsApp?

Time:2023-04-26 17:39:09  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

We may not know much about WhatsApp because it is a social chat software from abroad, similar to WeChat and QQ in China. However, due to some special restrictions, we cannot access WhatsApp in China, so WeChat is still the main social app used domestically.

But for those of us who engage in foreign trade, we need to choose chat software commonly used by foreign users so that we can communicate with them. It is unrealistic to ask users to download WeChat just to chat with us. Below, Crownsoft summarizes some information related to WhatsApp, hoping to be helpful.

How to create, edit, and set a profile picture on WhatsApp?

Creating, editing, and setting a personal profile picture on WhatsApp is very simple. Follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp and go to the main screen.

Click the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner, which looks like three vertical dots.

Click the "Profile" option.

Click on the profile picture area, which will open your phone's photo library.

Select the photo you want to set as your profile picture. You can choose a photo taken by the camera or select one from your phone's photo album.

After the photo is selected, you can edit it and perform necessary cropping or rotation.

Click the "Done" button to save the changes.

Once your new profile picture is saved, it will be displayed on WhatsApp.

Note that the profile picture must be square and should be clear enough to display on WhatsApp. In addition, you can also change your personal information, such as name, personal status, and personal information, by clicking on other options on the "Profile" page.

The above content is what Crownsoft wants to share with you about WhatsApp, hoping to be helpful. For more information about WhatsApp marketing, visit Crownsoft.


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