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Things to keep in mind when opening Facebook Live Marketing

Time:2024-01-12 18:51:09  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

With the booming development of live banding in China, many large domestic social and e-commerce platforms have launched their own live banding functions, while in overseas social platforms, such as Facebook, although they also provide the function of live banding, but there are some significant differences with the domestic live broadcast. But after our own modifications and compatible adjustments, we can also use such means of marketing and publicity.

facebook marketing

Facebook's live broadcast for global users, which means that we need to consider more factors, so today we will take you to analyze what we should pay attention to.

Preparation matters before the live broadcast:

Network stability: taking into account the global nature of the Facebook live audience, it is very critical to ensure that the network stability of the location of the live broadcast is very critical, and users in different regions watching the same live broadcast may have differences in effect due to network differences.

Definition of the type of live broadcast: Before the live broadcast begins, it is important to clearly define whether the type of broadcast is personal or branded. Although there are no limitations for personal live broadcasts on Facebook, live broadcasts for business numbers can get more accessory features, which can help to build a better brand image.

Detailed display of the homepage: When users click on the account to enter the Facebook homepage, the overall impression of the homepage will directly affect the user's stay rate, and good typography and clear layout is the key to attract users to stay. Click on the right side of the homepage "live function" can enter a variety of live types, live settings can also be found in the live link to share.

Detailed settings of the live page:

Embed into other websites: You can embed the live broadcast into a third-party website, so as to utilize Facebook's huge traffic in your own website or forum to attract traffic.

User Comments Settings: For user comments generated after the live broadcast, you can manage them through settings, top high-quality comments and remove low-quality or negative comments, set only fans allowed to comment, or set comment intervals and commenters' age limits.

Status settings after the live broadcast starts: Before clicking start live broadcast, adding an accurate live broadcast title is an important element to attract users' attention. You can also set up to display the current user traffic of the live broadcast, the number of users discussing and other landmark events, and adjust the live broadcast content through real-time indicators.

By adjusting the above steps, you can better utilize the Facebook Live feature to engage a global audience and achieve a wider social impact. I hope this article can help you in this regard and thank you for reading!

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