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Facebook Online Account Types Explained

Time:2023-12-29 18:26:47  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Facebook accounts are a constantly depleting resource in the field of foreign trade, so it has become a common strategy to use various types of trumpets in your day-to-day work, and here are some common types of Facebook accounts, each with their own unique characteristics and uses:

Facebook marketing

Dual Verification Number:

Obtain a login verification code through an app or other means.

More secure and has a longer lifespan.

White number:

Registered for a shorter period of time and unoperated.

Ideal for short-term, frequent projects, or if you have time for careful management.

Old White Number:

Registered for more than three months, relatively durable.

May have been in the mall and is suitable for projects with limited time goals.

Durable Number:

Stable and not prone to logging out.

Can be set up for 2FA login, usually requires manual maintenance.

Frequent login IP is Taiwan or Hong Kong.

Marketplace Number:

Account with Marketplace.

Suitable for the scenario of selling goods directly on Facebook.

Semi-limit number:

Usually the amount is 50-500 USD.

No Limit Number:

No limit, less common.

Mostly purchased semi-limit accounts.

Cookie Number:

A cached number that allows direct login via cookies without the need for a billing password.

Billing Number, Ad Number:

Accounts that have placed ads, have a bill or have a card.

Page number:

Accounts with a public Facebook page.

5-Star Page: A public page with a 5-star customer feedback score.

Unrestricted Home: A homepage that has been unrestricted through a complaint after the homepage has been windchecked.

Each of these account types has its own advantages and disadvantages, which need to be weighed and selected according to specific needs. In different foreign trade work scenarios, different types of accounts may be needed to achieve the best results. Therefore, when choosing to use a Facebook account, please carefully consider the characteristics of various account types according to business objectives and actual needs, so as to better support and promote the smooth progress of work.

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