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whatsapp filter, booster for whatsapp marketing!

Time:2022-11-28 16:33:33  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp is a social chat tool. Many users chat with friends and colleagues through whatsapp, and send files, videos, audios, etc. Whatsapp is also a good platform for companies to do marketing and promotion. Many businesses like to push their products and brands through whatsapp.

Let's talk about whatsapp marketing with the crownsoft.

whatsapp filter

In whatsapp marketing, the first thing we need to do is to obtain the user's whatsapp account, which is the user's mobile phone number. Because whatsapp is registered with a mobile phone number, as long as we know the mobile phone number of the other party, we can directly send a group of private messages to the other party, without the need for friend verification and addition, the other party can receive the information, and the reach rate is as high as 100%.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, our marketing is not as simple as before. It requires a lot of labor cost and time cost. Now we use third-party marketing software, such as whatsapp filters software.

Through the whatsapp filter software, you can filter out whether the mobile phone numbers of users in various countries have opened whatsapp accounts, filter out active whatsapp accounts, and then export them with one click.

After we know the whatsapp account, we can proceed to the next marketing action, such as our most common mass marketing. The fastest marketing method is mass marketing, edit your own words, and then send them to selected Whatsapp users with one click to increase your brand exposure.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filters,Log in to your WhatsApp account by scanning the QR code, and use your WhatsApp permissions to screen whether the target mobile phone number has opened WhatsApp, as well as the account avatar. After filtering, you can export .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files


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