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Malaysia WhatsApp Filter

Time:2023-07-06 10:15:23  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging apps in Malaysia, almost becoming one of the main tools for people’s daily communication. According to data from the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation in 2019, the number of WhatsApp users in Malaysia exceeds 22 million, accounting for a large proportion of Malaysian Internet users.

Many foreign trade marketing companies will also expand the Malaysian market. Among them, the Malaysian WhatsApp filter software is a must-have tool for many foreign trade merchants when doing WhatsApp marketing. The following crownsoft editor will give you a detailed introduction.

Malaysia WhatsApp filter

In Malaysia, WhatsApp filters serve several purposes:

Marketing and Promotion: WhatsApp filters help marketers and merchants filter out potential target customers. By screening specific number ranges or target groups, they can send relevant marketing messages, product promotions or service offers to potential customers to increase sales opportunities and brand exposure.

Social Interaction: WhatsApp filters can help individuals or groups filter out people with specific interests, common hobbies, or areas of expertise for social interaction and information exchange. This is great for networking, engaging in discussions, or finding partners.

Brand promotion: filter active Malaysian users through WhatsApp filter software, which is convenient for us to promote our products, send our related products or websites to users, and expand customers.

CrownSoft WhatsApp filter software can generate a specified number of numbers according to parameters such as country code, area code, and random digits. The global number segment is automatically generated to filter active users. It is very suitable for our WhatsApp marketing.

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