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Whatsapp account is judged abnormal? Don't panic, it may be that you have done the following operations!

Time:2022-11-28 16:35:57  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When we do foreign trade, we often encounter such a problem: I just registered a whatsapp account, and I could still use it the day before to chat and interact with my friends, but when I logged in the next day, I was prompted that the account was abnormal. What is going on? The following cross-border Wang Xiaobian will analyze and analyze for everyone.

Don’t panic when encountering an abnormal situation with your whatsapp account. First, think about whether you have done something that caused the system to determine the abnormality. For example, the possibility of concentration is as follows:

whatsapp account blocked

1. Reported by users

As a foreign trader, the purpose of your whatsapp account registration is absolutely impossible to simply want to look at this software. It must be of a marketing nature. Our most common marketing method may be whatsapp group sending, sending your own products to strangers Or some marketing elements to promote your own brand.

But not all users can accept marketing information. If you send a lot of group messages on whatsapp, it will definitely be subject to the user's plan. For example, if you repeatedly send some marketing information to some content that is not related to your industry, then Reports from users may be received.

Whatsapp officials attach great importance to user reports. If there are too many reports, your account may be judged as an abnormal account by whatsapp officials. The risk of reporting is the highest. Sometimes a report will result in a ban. Blocking means that the other party does not receive your message, and reporting means that the user reports to the platform that the message you sent has harassed him.

2. Publish a lot of marketing content as soon as you sign up

It is less than an hour after you just registered a whatsapp account, and you have sent a lot of messages to people who are not in your address book, or sent a lot of marketing information to users in different countries or regions, and it is very possible to send a lot of marketing content in a short period of time. It will be judged by the whatsapp system that your account is a marketing account, which is not of much value. At this time, the account may appear abnormal.

Don’t worry too much about the abnormal whatsapp account. This is something that will inevitably happen when we do whatsapp marketing and promotion. Don’t have too much psychological burden. It is best to raise the whatsapp account for a period of time when you just registered. account, so that your whatsapp weight is high, and the possibility of being banned will be greatly reduced.


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