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You need to know these practical tips before screening numbers on whatsapp!

Time:2022-11-28 16:36:52  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Now most foreign traders will use third-party software when doing whatsapp marketing to speed up marketing actions. Since whatsapp is registered with a mobile phone number, the user can directly send a private message to the other party as long as they know the other party’s mobile phone number, and adding the other party as a friend does not require the other party to pass verification and can be added directly, so many foreign trade marketers will choose some whatsapp marketing software : whatsapp screening numbers, whatsapp group sending, etc., to accelerate your own marketing actions and strive to maximize marketing actions.

Whatsapp screening number is a must-use software for foreign traders. The first choice is to filter out valid whatsapp accounts through the software, export the list, and then start mass sending operations, which are similar to our email marketing, SMS marketing, etc., and send them in a short time A lot of marketing information to attract traffic for your own products or official website.

CrownSoft  editor summarizes some tips about the use of whatsapp for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Whatsapp screening number

1. whatsapp supports web version login

Although WhatsApp is an application, it also supports web page login. You can open the whatsapp official website, and then use your mobile phone to scan the QR code to log in to your whatsapp account. But note that when the web page is online, the mobile phone must also be online only then.

2. whatsapp supports "burn after reading"

WhatsApp also has a function that automatically disappears after others have seen the photo, just send the photo and click ① on the right.

3. Whatsapp friends need to add the country code in front

Because whatsapp is a foreign social software, users in many countries and regions around the world use it. In order to distinguish users from different countries, you need to add the area code of the country before adding friends, which can play a role in identification.

4. Whatsapp status is similar to WeChat circle of friends, you can reply

You can directly reply to the news on WhatsApp. If a customer is more interested in your news content, you can directly consult it.

Secondly, the dynamic content of WhatsApp can directly show who watched (read) your dynamic, which is helpful for us to know who is interested in this dynamic, and can promote and attract traffic on this social software to achieve the purpose of developing customers.

Ok, about whatsapp crownsoft editor I share it here for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Want to know more details about whatsapp marketing,all in crownsoft.


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