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WhatsApp filter software According to customer needs, update to version 8.7

Time:2022-11-28 16:33:54  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Screening speed: For example, if the screening speed is set to 10, then the WhatsApp account logged in on the left will screen 10 numbers at a time for each account; the larger the screening speed value, the faster the screening speed; , or the software is stuck, you can reduce the value;

Screening interval: For example, set the screening interval to 100 milliseconds, which means that each time a number is screened, wait for 100 milliseconds before proceeding to screen the next number. The smaller the value, the faster the filtering. If there are filtering restrictions, the value can be increased appropriately.

whatsapp filter software

Wait for avatar download: If you check Get avatar, the software will download WhatsApp avatar during the screening process. Because the download of the avatar will be delayed due to problems such as network speed. If more than 100 numbers have not downloaded their avatars, the software will wait for the avatars to be downloaded, and continue to screen tasks until the avatars are downloaded.

Download avatar 0/0: The front 0 represents how many avatars have been downloaded, and the latter 0 represents how many number screenings have been completed. Clicking the check box behind will stop downloading unfinished avatars.

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