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Why do whatsapp number screening?

Time:2022-12-16 18:34:07  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp is mainly used as a chat tool on facebook. Basically, if you want to carry out foreign trade business, you must know whataapp.

Users who are familiar with whatsapp know that the whatsapp account can send messages to strangers. No matter you are in online or offline mode, you can send relevant content. For most companies in the foreign trade industry, whatsapp is often used of.

whatsapp filter

So why do you need to screen whatsapp? Is there any purpose in doing this?

In fact, one of the main reasons for whatsapp filter is to filter those inactive or "zombie" users, and then accurately send relevant business information to active users.

When first registering a whatsap account, we must pay attention not to send group messages immediately after registration, which is easy to be blocked by the platform, and users often cause their own messages to be sent to too many strangers. Account is banned.

There are several reasons for whatsapp number screening:

1. Filter valid whatsapp user phone numbers to reduce the risk of being blocked;

2. Since whataapp’s official website has a relatively strong monitoring of accounts, which is not conducive to our development of related businesses, we need to use a whatsapp screening software to operate, automatically generate different number segments, and filter relevant information of users according to business needs. For example, user avatar, gender and age, etc., through some technical means to avoid the possibility of being banned.

Whatsapp filtering is a software that companies in the foreign trade industry on the market will choose, mainly to help users develop their own related businesses faster and find potential intended users.

Well, the crownsoft editor will share the knowledge about whatsapp filtering for you today. If you want to know more about whatsapp filtering software, please pay attention to crownsoftwww.crownsoft007.com).


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