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Facebook Account Maintenance Program

Time:2023-07-27 15:58:56  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Facebook needs to maintain an account, because Facebook has relevant regulations. If the new account posts more posts, or violates the relevant regulations, our account will be blocked, because when the new account is created, it is a novice stage and it is easy to be blocked by the system. To monitor whether we behave properly.

Facebook Marketing

This is like maintaining an account on a cross-border e-commerce platform. We need to maintain an account in the early stage. When our account passes the novice stage, our account will be much more stable. Therefore, if we have multiple accounts and want to attract traffic on the Facebook platform, Then we need to raise an account in the early stage.

How to maintain an account on Facebook

1. Real person's face profile picture: The most common thing for FB verification is profile picture verification. If you upload pets, landscapes, or cartoon pictures, don't try to get your account back. FB users are "people".

Don't use photos of celebrities or other users on the FB platform indiscriminately for the profile picture. FB now has a facial recognition function, and if you steal other people's photos, it will only greatly increase the risk of your account. Where can I find the photos? Live broadcast platforms and countries where FB is not popular are all directions you can refer to.

2. After logging in, everyone should do some normal social actions, such as commenting or liking or forwarding other people’s social posts page or posting their own posts, or even joining some groups to follow some video accounts, and keep active so that the Facebook platform thinks It is a normal person using this account, and the initial login time should be limited to about 30 minutes.

But remember not to add friends, don't privately message others, treat groups with caution, and don't like too many people.

3. Interaction: Chatting with friends on Messenger can greatly increase the weight of old accounts, and interacting with Facebook accounts can increase account weight, but it does not require you to send private messages in batches. As for interaction, it also includes likes, comments on posts, live broadcast sharing, etc. The interaction here does not require you to operate in batches in a short period of time.

4. Keep the frequency of posting stable, and don't post too many posts at once. Such behavior will make Facebook think that everyone is a spammer. You can share some real life pictures, which will make your account more secure.

5. The state of maintaining and maintaining accounts lasts until the third week, and everyone can expand their activities a little, but don't make too much of it. On the 10th day of the new account, you can improve the information little by little (remember not to complete all at once, just complete one item every few days), for example, improve your music hobby today, and improve your school and career tomorrow.

Well, the above is the guide on how to maintain an account that CrownSoft reminded, I hope you will not encounter the situation of being banned.


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