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WA filter, big data system for precise filtering of active data

Time:2023-08-09 16:45:17  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

As a global chat software, WhatsApp has a great international influence. Many countries regard WhatsApp as one of the main chat platforms, with a very large number of users, and the number of monthly active users is as high as 2.3 billion+.

With the continuous development of foreign trade marketing, many companies have also begun to look for traffic platforms hoping to quickly acquire customers, and WhatsApp is one of the platforms that cannot be obtained.

WhatsApp is mainly registered through the mobile phone number. As long as you know the user's mobile phone number, you can register a WhatsApp account, and you can directly add users as friends on WhatsApp, send messages, and chat without friend application.

wa filter

The primary purpose of our WhatsApp marketing is to obtain active WhatsApp user data, and at this time the role of the wa filter is reflected.

The WA filter is a third-party marketing tool. Its main function is to help users quickly obtain active WhatsApp accounts, obtain WhatsApp profile pictures, age, gender and other information, and help companies establish contact with users and push their own products or brands.

The WA filter can automatically generate user numbers around the world. As long as the filtered countries or regions are set and the filtered information is set, active customers can be obtained with one click.

Everyone should note that the wa filter is not an official function of WhatsApp, but a third-party software, but it is developed based on the official WhatsApp API, so after the official update of WhatsApp, the wa filter software also needs to be updated. When looking for a wa filter, you must look at the software update frequency, after-sales service, and look for professional wa filter software.

The above content is the content about the wa filter shared by the crownsoft editor, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more details about the wa filter, you can visit crownsoft.


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