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Sifting tool without logging in to your account

Time:2023-08-19 18:08:41  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp online screening tools are a lot of accounts need to log in to be able to carry out, this operation behavior is likely to trigger the account of the ban, but also because of this account is the way to the cell phone number, so many people will experience their own cell phone number is not enough to use this thing.

WhatsApp cloud filter

But it's okay, today I bring you a way to solve this problem, is to use the "WhatsApp cloud screening number" for screening.

What is WhatsApp Cloud Screening? It is a Cloud filter tool, he and the normal WhatsApp screening software functions are the same, the only difference is that this web page for screening will use our account for screening without using your account, to avoid the risk of your account this problem.

Compared with the software side of the screening, the web side of the screening mode can let you choose your own, select the region, area code click on the start run to screen the number of options, and this time the response speed is faster, from our server to get automatically generated into the file, no different from the original.

And this software is still using multiple screening, you can choose whether to have an avatar, name, personalized signature, signature language and other features, more to retain the original features of those positive feedback, to provide you with a more convenient situation.

With this more convenient web version of the screening number, your tasks or workplace will be more flexible.


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