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Inventory of the reasons for those accounts banned for instagram marketing

Time:2023-01-03 13:57:12  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

I believe everyone has heard of instagram. Many celebrities like to post some photos of their life or portraits on it. Even Stephen Chow, who is well-known to everyone, has opened a personal ins account and posted the first content. Instagram is also a relatively popular mobile application abroad, mainly based on pictures.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of monthly active users of instagram has exceeded 1.3 billion, and users spend an average of 30 minutes on it every day to browse content. Many users use instagram to check the website or service of the goods they purchased, so Instagram is also a platform for us to do foreign trade marketing.

Because our country cannot access some foreign software or the Internet, we may encounter various problems when doing instagram marketing. Among them, the most common problem we encounter is: the problem of account banning. Due to improper operation or other reasons, the crownsoft editor below summarizes some reasons for your instagram account being blocked, hoping to help you.

Inventory of the reasons for those accounts banned for instagram marketing

1. Posting inappropriate content

Instagram is a sharing application. In order to win the attention of users, some people may take a slant and post pictures of some gray industries to attract users' attention, likes, and accumulate fans. This is easy to be reported by users or monitored by the platform. Yes Your behavior will be banned.

2. The operation is too frequent

Some people register on Instagram because they want to do marketing and promotion, so after successful registration, they may perform frequent operations, such as frequently adding friends, frequently giving likes and comments to others, such frequent operations are very easy If it is detected by the system, simple restrictions may be imposed on your account, such as restricting you from giving others likes, and if the circumstances are serious, your account may be permanently banned.

Since we want to do instagram marketing, we definitely hope that we can continue to operate on this platform for a long time, so we must abide by the rules of the platform and never violate it. After all, it is not easy to maintain an account, especially when your account weight is high. , pay more attention.

The above content is the instagram marketing knowledge shared by the crownsoft editor. Hope it helps you. If you want to learn more about instagram filtering and instagram marketing, you can go to crownsoft.


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