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facebook filter software-facebook maintenance skills

Time:2023-01-04 17:31:17  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Friends who have done foreign trade know that the number of daily active users of Facebook is very high. As of now, users from more than 100 countries around the world are using the Facebook platform, so as long as you are doing foreign trade, no matter what you do Products will not miss the facebook platform.

Everyone is very clear that as long as you can operate your own Facebook account well, then you can well promote your products. Registering an account is very simple for everyone. Even friends who have never been in contact with the facebook platform can register an account as long as they follow the steps step by step, but it is difficult to make this account live longer.

The following crownsoft editor summarizes some things you must know about facebook marketing for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

facebook filter software

1. Is the Facebook filter software easy to use?

I believe that everyone who does foreign trade knows about facebook filter. This is actually a third-party software that everyone tacitly knows. It can quickly and accurately screen out whether a user’s mobile phone number has a Facebook account, which is used for mass marketing.

In fact, there are many Facebook filtering software companies on the market. Each filtering software has some subtle differences in functions. For example, Crownsoft Facebook marketing software can filter whether users have opened Facebook accounts, automatically maintain accounts, and automatically like. , comments, bulk marketing, etc.

2. What are the skills of maintaining an account on Facebook?

For facebook, its ip or browser is actually very important. A facebook account corresponds to a device + network environment. If you use one ip or one device to operate all accounts, it is very easy It is easy to be judged as abnormal by the system, and it may even affect your device and ip address if it is serious.

The correct facebook number maintenance operation:

1. Fill in the information

After registering a new Facebook account, fill in as much information as possible, such as gender, mobile phone number, age, birthday, email address, etc.

2. Unfamiliar friends cannot be added frequently

For newly registered new accounts, it is forbidden to frequently add strangers. After all, your new account has no dynamics. If you receive a large number of rejection requests from users, the system may judge your account as a spam account and directly ban you.

3. Frequent login is not acceptable

Do not change the ip address or browser login frequently. What browser or ip did you use when you registered, so it is best to choose the same operation when you log in.

in conclusion:

Whether it is facebook screening or facebook group posting, we all need to maintain our facebook account. Since you want to do marketing and promotion, the survival of your account is related to your future marketing strategy, so don't do something frequently Operation not allowed by the system.


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