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WhatsApp one-click dead number removal

Time:2023-09-01 19:01:17  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Many foreign trade marketers use WhatsApp for marketing will choose to search from a variety of places others packaged list of people in a certain region, or go to the network to buy these data. But because the data is not often updated, resulting in a lot of people are to buy the data contains a lot of canceled accounts, very disappointing and feel cheated. Today I will bring you a new tool to generate and detect whether there is a dead number, so as not to carry out a waste of energy and more cost.

WhatsApp filter

The name of this software is called: "WhatsApp filter Software", it is a certain role is to import their own file data to help you screen these accounts which are not registered WhatsApp account or a long time not automatically logged out of the account? However, some people may ask, does it mean that it is registered? Of course not, registered does not mean that someone will use, most people use the account at least have an avatar, signature, fill in the gender, so that there is still a certainty that there is a real person in use. At least it is filtered to this step to confirm that this account is available for marketing, at least it will give you a response to catch this user is not going to do useless personnel.

The above mentioned is also able to generate their own account list, this software can be based on your requirements, such as country, region, area code, number to generate a cell phone number a key to detect whether someone to register or whether it is worth publicity and marketing.

Choose such software, you can generate your own account and detect how to better use, rather than like a long time ago with the online purchase of data to try bit by bit.


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