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WhatsApp sifts numbers and no longer relies on number merchants.

Time:2023-09-22 17:58:51  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

A lot of businessmen in foreign trade, in order to increase their conversion rate as well as to prevent wasting time and effort, buy those WhatsApp normal account data integration packages on the internet to achieve the probability of preventing flopping. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with those who buy these data, because compared to these, the value of those users who can give you a greater possibility is obviously higher. But if it is a data integration package that has been relying on them as such, the data integration package merchants can not be rebelled against by many people no matter what they do excessively.

WhatsApp filter

But now we already have a countermeasure, that is, we ourselves to screen out high-quality numbers, get rid of their monopoly at the same time, but also be able to increase the expansion of their own business scope as well as a better understanding of the market needs. So how do we solve this problem?

We found a software "WhatsApp filter software", the main function of this software is this, the main mode of operation is based on your choice to automatically generate cell phone numbers and then testing and screening and finally generate the normal WhatsApp users in the area you want. It has three modes of generation: "country code + cell phone area code", "country selection + area selection", "import cell phone number". These three screening modes are already accomplished most of the screening modes in the market, and also greatly increase the accuracy as well as scalability of the screening.

Through the above experience, I found that this is really a better software, and I can recommend to try it. =


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