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How to extract contacts from WhatsApp?

Time:2023-09-22 18:09:37  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Everyone knows what WhatsApp means. It is also a social chat program. Like WeChat, it is used to chat with other people and make friends. However, the difference is that WhatsApp is used more widely around the world. It is used in many countries or regions. Use WhatsApp as your primary chat tool.

The application scenarios of WhatsApp are diverse. You can use it to communicate with colleagues in the company, send files and other needs; you can also use it to chat with strangers and make more friends; you can also share recent daily pictures or Some humorous anecdotes etc.

As the number of WhatsApp uses continues to increase, foreign trade marketers also regard WhatsApp as the main traffic "battlefield", hoping to obtain their favorite customer groups through WhatsApp. As a result, many marketing tools have been produced for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Contact Extractor

Another main reason why WhatsApp should be used as the main traffic platform is that WhatsApp uses mobile phone number registration. As long as you know the other party's mobile phone number, you can contact the other party through WhatsApp and send messages directly to the other party without the need for friends. Applying for verification is very convenient.

Everyone knows that a person’s mobile phone number is a relatively private matter. If we don’t have friend recommendations or other ways, we basically can’t add friends. What should we do in this case? How to extract contacts from WhatsApp?

Here we have to mention our WhatsApp marketing tool: WhatsApp Contact Extractor.

WhatsApp Contact Extractor is a WhatsApp tool independently developed by a third party. Based on the region or country you set, it can filter out whether the user's mobile phone number in this country has opened a WhatsApp account, filter out active WhatsApp numbers, and export related files. 

To get the user’s WhatsApp account, it is recommended that you use the WhatsApp Contact Extractor.


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