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WhatsApp Find Customer Assistant by City

Time:2023-09-26 18:56:31  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

As most people know, the distribution of people and the level of consumption of the class are different from city to city, so it is necessary to selective as well as rational marketing planning for a certain area. In addition to avoiding unequal returns on normal investment, irrational planning will also rarely get the conversion rate, time-consuming and laborious.

WhatsApp filter software

But in fact, if you say that the normal prices and consumption levels for the region is not a very difficult thing, because most of the information in today's network can be easily found on the top, but accurate sales to the local area is a very difficult thing, the normal situation you can not be sure that your customers are in the region, so this is not only more trouble to do so, not the same charges are also easy to bring the user resistance. The user's resistance.

So if you can pinpoint the positioning into a certain region of the customer, such a strategy can achieve good results, this technology is currently, there are ways to achieve. For example, the use of third-party marketing software, like before we talked about WhatsApp filter software, which can support according to the country and region or even refine the location of the area code to lock the group, so as to achieve the effect of the content of the above mentioned, basically the success rate as well as the accuracy rate of more than eighty percent, so you can try to use this software if you really have such an idea.


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